Blockchain Made Simple

Our mission at Mecha is to help organizations across the globe migrate to the blockchain without requiring the expensive build out and integration of complex blockchain protocols.

Your portal to access a World of Blockchains

Our Vision

We envision a borderless world where all information and ideas are freely exchanged, safely and securely beyond the reach of any central authority.

What Is Mecha?

Mecha is a decentralized blockchain application protocol interface (API) that enables interoperability between different blockchains. Mecha creates a simplified interoperability layer by providing a single point of integration for any IT infrastructure.

For businesses, this significantly reduces the time and cost of integrating and managing multiple protocol technologies while enabling simultaneous access to heterogeneous blockchain platforms through one scripting language / API.

Why Integrate With Mecha?

Cost Effective

Mecha saves you time and money by providing a single point of integration enabling secure access to all blockchains.


Easily switch between different blockchains on-demand thereby reducing dependency on any one blockchain.


Create DApps that combine features from different blockchains to support your business needs, such as cross-chain contracts and transactions.


Unlike other blockchains where network rewards are restricted to miners or elected peers, all node operators are rewarded based on their contribution.